FlashParking Unveils Mobility Hub Operating System at CES 2020

At Microsoft’s Smart City Experience Center at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, we unveiled our Mobility Hub Operating System: a platform powering the evolution of isolated parking assets into connected, multi-purpose mobility hubs that are more efficient, intelligent, and adaptable than garages and surface lots of the past.

We demoed how our operating system offers asset owners and operators a single management platform for maximizing parking asset value, diversifying revenue, and integrating into smarter cities.

Watch how FlashParking is Evolving Isolated Parking Assets into Mobility Hubs that offer Parking Plus Mobility Services

As we work with local leaders to bring smart cities to life, integrating new and evolving forms of mobility in a sustainable way is a challenge, and we’re excited to collaborate with FlashParking to deliver enhanced parking and mobility services. FlashParking’s Azure-based cloud platform delivers an extensible foundation of parking technology, robust business intelligence to inform strategy, and the open-API architecture to connect with other smart city infrastructure.

Cameron Carr

Director, IoT Strategy, Scale Solutions and Smart City, Microsoft

Is Parking Dead? How Mobility Hubs are Reviving Garages

and Unlocking the Smart City

Is Parking dead?

In this 45-minute live webcast, Neil Golson, our EVP of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, will walk you through the evolving parking asset landscape and the factors at play in the urban core of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Not only will he demystify that parking is not dead, he’ll show you why mobility hubs are the key to unlocking the smart city, and what’s your role as an asset owner and operator in this new mobility hub landscape.

Date: Thursday, January 23rd, 2020
Time: 11am CST
Length: 20-minute presentation, followed by Q&A
Audience Who’ll Benefit from Webcast: Real Estate Asset Owners, Consultants, Operators, Architects, and anyone who’s looking for a data-driven overview of the mobility landscape and where they fit in.

You can certainly have assets that exclusively offer parking. However, if those assets aren’t powered by a Mobility Hub Operating System then you forfeit your place at the table building smarter, more efficient cities with parking infrastructure at the center.

It’s a tremendously valuable table to be sitting at and we’re here to help you extract it.

Juan Rodriguez

CEO and Co-founder

Is EV Charging Right for Your Parking Asset?

Our Mobility Hub Operating System is the foundation for parking assets to become hubs that deliver more than just parking: mobility hubs are configured to offer a strategic set of services based upon platform insight and intelligence.

As an example of how asset owners and operators can diversify revenue, we demoed at CES 2020 how our operating system easily integrates with EV charging companies, like EVgo, to provide a more intuitive way for consumers to find and gain access to off-street EV chargers, and single management platform to manage and optimize mobility services. 

To learn more download our infographic “Making the Case for Adding EV charging to Your Mobility Hub.”

Want to see FlashParking in Action? Let us take you for a drive.

See for yourself how easy, intuitive, and powerful our valet and PARCS solutions are.


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