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There are many stakeholders and moving parts to consider when designing or developing a parking management system for new construction. When it comes to picking a technology partner, historically, we typically reuse the same strategy as the last project because it just works. More often than not, the vendors specified in the master specs offer a traditional on-site server approach for their parking management system for new construction. In today’s rapidly evolving mobility landscape, that’s not good enough anymore. 

FlashParking’s is the first cloud-born solution which has the architecture that allows asset owners to drive revenue with access to real-time business intelligence and deliver mobile-first technologies to tenants for a better experience. With FlashParking as your parking technology partner, asset owners can also expect:


  • Increased real-time visibility into parking performance across their entire portfolio via a single platform that manages both PARCS and valet operations.
  • Greater efficiencies in terms of cost control with lower CapEx investment and lower OpEx costs in terms of simplified maintenance, ongoing system upkeep at no additional price, and more.
  • A frictionless parking experience via FlahParking’s patent-pending FlashBeacon Bluetooth access option, among other future-ready technologies.
  • And so much more.

In the video, Randy Smith, CEO of Real Estate Development firm, Weston Urban, shares how the company’s focus on technology to provide the highest levels of customer service to their tenants led them to FlashParking.


Single Platform

FlashParking is the only parking technology provider with both a branded valet and PARCS solution, all of which is managed via our cloud-based platform. This means you can access all your parking ops from a single platform from anywhere, anytime.

Future Ready

FlashParking’s future-ready system can expand and support new capabilities as technology and customer demands evolve due to our open API framework. FlashParking also delivers an ecosystem of future-ready mobility solutions that will evolve with technologies like ride-sharing services, driverless cars, and frictionless access to better serve customers and surrounding communities.

Highly Customizable

Our solutions are highly customizable to meet the demands of your parking management system for new construction. The equipment and software running the system are simply configured for each machine to meet the needs of the venue, regardless of size, traffic, layout, and organization.

Real-time Decision Making

Manage operations like rate changes, dynamic-based pricing, credit card payments, eParking reservations, electronic validations, and more in real-time from a mobile phone, tablet, or browser.

For the expense that it took to get FlashParking up and running, we’ve seen an almost immediate return on investment, and it’s been significant.

Randy Smith

Randy Smith CEO of Weston Urban

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